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5 Tips for Better Skin This Winter

If we have learned one thing over the past year, it’s that self-care is SO important. Self care is about taking care of our bodies both inside and out. We teamed up with Chloe Corkran, a local aesthetician who owns The Glow Bar to find out what her top 5 most important tips were for taking care of our skin in the winter. These are small tips that will make a big difference! 

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Ten Kitchen Necessities of 2021

As we welcome in the New Year, many of us have set resolutions to achieve. Common goals include eating better, creating new meals, or even learning to cook! Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen or looking to improve your abilities, it all starts with having the proper equipment.

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Old Trends Resurfacing in 2021

With the dawning of a new age, there comes a wave of new trends. But wait, haven’t we seen some of these before? There seems to be something from every decade that has made its way front and center in the fashion world again.  

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New Year, New Color Palette

The new year brings opportunity for change. Why not start with the colors in your home? With offices permanently merging into home space, it gives us a reason to redecorate. Behr has released 21 new colors in their 2021 palette, and we are in love!

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Lessons Learned in 2020

This year has had its ups and downs just like any other year has, but this one certainly will be one for the books. Looking back on 2020, there was plenty of good things that we can choose to reflect on rather than all of the chaos that occurred.  

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The Grove at Harford

The Grove at Harford is open! There are vendors here that you won’t want to miss. Each vendor is set up in their own stall and there is something for everyone. Get out and support your small local businesses.

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Healthy Twist on a Classic Thanksgiving Dish

Before we put the gas pedal on Christmas cheer, we wanted to make sure we highlight our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I know 2020 has not been ideal and this holiday season might be different for some, so we wanted to give you some new recipes to try. Many families will not be travelling this year which is upsetting, we know, but to look at it in a positive light, this might be the year to try that new healthy dish for you and your family to enjoy!   

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Did you know – Halloween Edition

Halloween is almost here! Vibrant crunchy leaves cover the sidewalks. Grinning jack-o’-lanterns perch on porches. Gravestones and cobwebs creep up through yards and bushes, as ghosts and ghouls swing from trees. This weekend all sorts of monsters, princesses, and heroes will crowd the streets with their pillow cases, knocking on as many doors as they can for sugary treats. Sink your teeth into these ten fun facts before the candy collecting chaos ensues! 

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