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The Hero Rescue

We have all heard of The Humane Society, but have you heard of The Hero Rescue? Opening in October of 2019, they main goal is to save as many dogs as they can. I sat down with Kelly Rose, one of the seven women who started the rescue to talk more about the mission behind starting the nonprofit.  

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On-The-Go Healthy Smoothies!

We all know it’s hard to eat healthy when we are constantly on the go. We tend to skip meals or grab the most convenient snack we can find. Lucky for you, we have some easy smoothie recipes for everyone! These are perfect to make the night before a long day and you grab and go in the morning. Before we get to the recipes, we have a few tips for you!

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Ola Hydrogen Wellness – Feature Friday

Susan Wheeler started Ola Hydrogen Wellness with one mission in mind, to help heal individuals from the inside out. Hydrogen inhalation therapy is most commonly used in the Europe, Japan, and other Eastern countries. Susan, a Harford County native, has a heavy background in biology, pathology, and testing tissues. She and her husband moved to Hawaii for about four years and she began to learn more about the numerous health benefits to Hydrogen.

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ZinniaVirgo Soaps – Feature Friday

If we have learned one thing throughout that past year, it’s that we are surrounded by talent in this community. In a sense, the past year has allowed individuals to take their hobby and make them a full-time passion.  This week, we have the pleasure of featuring Zinnia Virgo Soaps.

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5 Tips for Better Skin This Winter

If we have learned one thing over the past year, it’s that self-care is SO important. Self care is about taking care of our bodies both inside and out. We teamed up with Chloe Corkran, a local aesthetician who owns The Glow Bar to find out what her top 5 most important tips were for taking care of our skin in the winter. These are small tips that will make a big difference! 

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Ten Kitchen Necessities of 2021

As we welcome in the New Year, many of us have set resolutions to achieve. Common goals include eating better, creating new meals, or even learning to cook! Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen or looking to improve your abilities, it all starts with having the proper equipment.

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Old Trends Resurfacing in 2021

With the dawning of a new age, there comes a wave of new trends. But wait, haven’t we seen some of these before? There seems to be something from every decade that has made its way front and center in the fashion world again.  

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